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Run Time: 49 minutes
Size: 556.2 MB
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The Hollywood Trainer PILATES workout reveals the secret behind Hollywood’s most beautiful physiques and will transform the way your body looks, feels and functions. Create flatter abs, build longer & leaner muscles, improve posture, increase flexibility, and make every activity you do seem easier with this 45-minute mat-based routine. Pilates will improve three major fitness components: muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Safe and easy to follow, this mind-body workout emphasizes proper breathing, pelvic alignment and body awareness while effectively targeting abs, back, butt, thighs and arms.

Improve spinal alignment and flexibility for greater range of motion
Increase muscle tone for a leaner body and a more slender physique
Develop core strength for greater stability and a flatter stomach
Strengthen and improve range of motion in the joints, reducing stress and risk of personal injury.

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