Hot Body Bootcamp Cardio (HD)

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Hot Body Bootcamp Cardio

Run Time: 68 minutes
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It’s time to uncover that Hot Body with Hollywood Trainer to the Stars, Jeanette Jenkins, and her New heart pumping, calorie blasting Hot Body Bootcamp.

Jeanette will blast the fat off of your body with her results-proven, adrenaline pumping bootcamp circuits that are fun, heart-pounding and guaranteed to burn 600-1000 calories. Yes this workout is for Men & Women and we have both male & female trainers in this workout to motivate you! Say hello Hot Body! It’s time for chiseled abs, toned arms, defined legs and a round plump booty!

This 60-minute Hot Body Bootcamp can be done all at once or broken down into four shorter bootcamps: Power Cardio 1, Power Arms Legs & Booty, Power Cardio 2, Power Cardio 3 for anyone that is short on time but needs a quick calorie blast! This Cardio workout is part of The Hot Body Bootcamp Series!

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FULL WORKOUT: Hot Body Bootcamp
CHAPTER 1: Warm-up
CHAPTER 2: Power Cardio 1
CHAPTER 3: Power Arms Legs & Booty
CHAPTER 4: Power Cardio 2
CHAPTER 5: Power Cardio 3
CHAPTER 6: Stretch

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