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Run Time: 87 minutes
Size: 889.4 MB
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THE HOLLYWOOD TRAINER- JEANETTE JENKINS Say hello to a Sexy Back, Round Booty and Toned Arms with Hollywood Trainer to the Stars, Jeanette Jenkins and her super fun Cardio Kickboxing workout! Jeanette will tone & define your Abs, Arms, Legs & Butt with her high calorie burning kickboxing combinations which are guaranteed to Burn 700-1000 calories! This workout starts with 50min of non-stop cardio kickboxing broken down into 5 Chapters so if you're short on time your can do one or two chapters or mix & match your favorites. The workout ends with 15 minute of total body sculpting, 15 minutes of focused ab work and a 7min total body stretch! There is also an option to play the workout with or without music so you can play your favorite songs! Warm-up 10min Power Punch 7min Sidekick City 11min Roundhouse Power 12min Knockout Round 11min Ring The Bell Mat Work 15min Champion Abs 15min Stretch 8 min Total Running Time 89 minutes

Actor(s): Jeanette Jenkins (Trainer)

Genre(s): Health and Fitness
Director(s): Jeanette Jenkins

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