Drop Set Chisel (HD)

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Drop Set Chisel

Run Time: 72 minutes
Size: 570.2 MB
Size (HD): 1.1 GB
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DROP SET CHISEL is the second workout of the New HOT BODY BOOTCAMP SERIES with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

This Weight Training Drop Set workout will help you get chiseled and defined while boosting your metabolic rate so you burn more calories throughout the day!

Each Exercise is executed slowly with control to maximize good form and technique while lifting heavy weight for 10reps recruiting the large & medium fast twitch fibers then dropping the weight down by 50% for 15reps to recruit the medium & slow twitch muscle fibers. This drop set technique integrated with Jeanette’s total body circuits will recruit all three muscle fiber types using the “Overload Principle” to maximize your results!

Yes this workout is for Men & Women and we have both male & female trainers in this workout to motivate you! Say hello Hot Body! It’s time for chiseled abs, shapely shoulders, toned arms, defined legs and a round plump booty! All you need is 20min to complete the first Hot Body Bootcamp DROP SET CHISEL circuit! No excuses! You can do it!

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FULL WORKOUT: Hot Body Bootcamp

0:00:00 - CHAPTER 1: Hot Body Bootcamp Warm Up
0:13:09 - CHAPTER 2: Drop Set Chisel 1
0:32:42 - CHAPTER 3: Drop Set Chisel 2
0:51:51 - CHAPTER 4: Hot Body Bootcamp Abs
1:03:35 - CHAPTER 5: Stretch

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